T.A. for Military Kids
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About the Author:  Leslie Nelson
Leslie Nelson is an aunt to seventeen awesome kids, five of them military kids. Her nieces and nephews keep her humble and on her toes, challenging her to expand her repertoire of goofy faces, funny voices, and silly names ending in “pants.” In spite of all the laughs she shares with the kids, Leslie is very serious about and dedicated to serving military personnel and their families who heroically serve our country. She believes that military families are true super heroes and T.A for Military Kids: The Awesome Military Kid’s Guide to Feelings came about after witnessing how her nephews have handled their dad’s deployments, and conversations with her sister-in-law about how the kids have responded to different aspects of military life. Leslie holds a master’s degree in counseling from Xavier University and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with a collection of pets, the kind of “kids” who don’t talk back and don’t need college funds.
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About the Illustrator:  Stephanie Nelson
Stephanie Nelson grew up a military child. Her father was in the Army and she was born in Augsburg, Germany while her family was stationed there. She has lived across the United States. Through her childhood she attended primary schools in Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and California. She graduated in 1996 form Eisenhower High School in Rialto, California. She has attended the University of Cincinnati and is currently attending Austin Peay University in Clarksville, Tennessee. She is working towards a Bachelors degree in Sociology. She is mother to 5. David is 18 years old, Luke is 15, Tyler is 11, Joseph is 8 and Kasey is 1 year old. She married SFC Chad Nelson in 1998. Through her husband's military service her family has been stationed in Oklahoma, The Netherlands and Kentucky. Stephanie currently resides with her family in Fort Campbell, KY.