T.A. for Military Kids
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T.A. for Military Kids: The Awesome Military Kid’s Guide to Feelings

A 2011 Department of Defense report approximates that 44 percent of military personnel have children. T. A. for Military Kids: The Awesome Military Kid’s Guide to feelings explains that it can be hard enough for kids to figure out who they are and how life works even under the best of circumstances, even more so when adding to the mix the unique challenges associated with being a military kid. This can include frequent moves, regularly adjusting to new schools and making new friends, absence of the military parent, increased family responsibilities, and re-establishing family roles when the deployed parent returns.

A kid’s perception of an event like deployment is often very different from an adult’s. Depending on their age, kids may believe they are responsible for the deployed parent going away, while this thought would never enter an adult’s mind. T. A. for Military Kids talks about the normal feelings all kids have and then explains the emotions experienced by military kids when faced with the events of everyday military life.

This invaluable guide helps military kids make sense of their experiences and understand that all their feelings are normal and okay, even the challenging ones. For military parents, T. A. for Military Kids makes life a little easier by encouraging kids to talk about what’s going on in their heads.
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