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Book:  T.A. for Military Kids:
Leader's Guide
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T.A. for Military Kids: The Awesome Military Kid’s Guide to Feelings is meant to seem more conversational, talking to military kids about the normal feelings all kids have then about the various feelings they may have surrounding common events for military families. The liberal use of questions throughout the book is intended to get the kids thinking about their thoughts and feelings and gives them the language to describe what may be on their minds. This invaluable guide helps military kids make sense of their experiences and helps their parents by encouraging kids to open up and share what’s on their minds.
T.A. for Military Kids Leader’s Guide is designed for use in facilitated group discussions and intended to supplement the book by providing discussion prompts, additional questions and group activities. The guide provides materials to further engage kids and help them feel more comfortable thinking and talking about feelings, as well as practical, appropriate ways of handling strong emotions.